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  • High Security Storage Space
  • Mobile Hard-disk
  • Distributed File Server
  • Intranet
  • Makes easy-to-update websites possible

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Carry your files with you

OwnMailTM's Web folders are an online storage space in which you can store files and folders that are accessible from any computer anywhere in the world. The space appears as a "drive" on the computer. It can be used as a high security storage space, as a mobile hard disk, as a file server accessible from many offices, as an Intranet and as part of an easy-to-update web site:
A high security storage space:
Most security leaks are known to be internal. By keeping your most sensitive data offsite on OwnMailTM's Web Folders rather than on your computer's hard-disk, you can plug the biggest source of stolen information.
A mobile hard disk:
Your web folders can be mapped as a drive on your local machine for Windows XP, Mac OsX, Linux. For Windows 95/98/Me/NT machines it can be made a web folder. You can work directly on files from this web folder - no need to download/upload. Each user in your domain can have his own password protected space. The web folders are accessible any where, free from local harddisk crashes, zero maintenance, more secure than your local hard disk and can be used for automatic backups or backups of critical data.
A distributed file server:
With OwnMailTM's Web folders you can share files and folders with others, even if they are not in the same office. You can give read or write access or both to other users, to all users in the domain or even to everybody. You can access common folders and create administrative structures. In short, you get all the features of a file server with the added advantages of it being accessible across offices, accessible on the road and with much reduced administrative requirements.
An Intranet:
An Intranet is a web site that is visible only to employees of the organization. This is possible due to the ability to provide read / write access to some or all users in a domain. One popular use of this is for version control. If there is a file being worked on by many employees, many versions of the file get created in the process. This is because they email the file to each other after updates, causing confusion on which is the latest version. Using WebFolders, employees can share the file from a central location and eliminate this problem.
An easy-to-update web site:
Any of your Web folders can be marked a part of your web site. Such personal areas of the web site can be linked together into the main corporate web site allowing never before levels of flexibility in creation and update of the web site. Employees can update the corporate web site simply by saving a document as html. It gives companies the flexibility to use everyday tools to connect to their customers and suppliers via their web site. Advantages: Distributed management, much easier update (e.g. anyone, even though not technically qualified can update a web site such as a tariff card, by using Word and saving as html), making departmental web sites is very easy.