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  • Easy to update web sites for business and schools
  • FTP access and browser upload
  • Mappable as a drive on computer
  • Distributed management of web site with central control
  • Keep site up-to date with MSOffice
  • Linux or WindowsNT
  • Huge sites possible. 5 - 20,000MB
  • PHP on Linux
  • MS Sql on WindowsNT
  • Create password-protected areas for customers
  • Give web site email to your visitors
  • Acclaimed helpdesk support

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"Easy to update web sites"

Linq's web site services are designed to enable easy to update web sites. By allowing you to update the site with everyday tools, we stop your site from going stale. You no longer need day to day technical help to communicate via the web:
  • Update the site with everyday tools such as Excel, Word and Notepad.
  • Distribute responsibility for content even amongst the technically challenged.
  • Flexible: choice of Linux or WindowsNT
  • Customise your site for your customers.
  • Create password-protected customer areas with web site email and files