Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

What is this Browser Calling Service, now?
This service uses a revolutionary new technology called WebRTC pioneered by Google, Ericsson etc. This allows voice calls right from the browser with no need for any software or app download. You simply log into our web site and begin calling right away.
What are the benefits of this service?
The service provides you low International calling rates from all Android phones and any desktop computer. You can log into our web site using any available device and call right away without need to download any app or software. There is nothing to configure. The calls are encrypted by default, guaranteeing privacy. Service adapts to network conditions for increased reliability. It provides high definition voice when conditions allow it.
I want to use it with an iPhone or other phone.
For other phones we provide SIP phone capability. More details are available in the SIP phone FAQ.
How do I call?
In most cases you will be auto logged in to the browser you used to register. For other browser / devices, log into our website using the username and password and click on call. Enter the the number in full international format including the country code. You need not add the preceding + sign or 00, 011 etc.
Is it a post paid service?
No. This is a prepaid service. You receive alerts by email when the account goes low. You can replenish your account with a scratch card, PayPal or credit card.
How do I check my calling details and usage?
Your on-line console at will give you details of each call made and the charge there-of. It also shows your account balance, allows you to make payments and set preferences.
How do I invite more people to the service?
Your on-line console has an "invite" link that lets you send an email to the person you would like to use the service. This email has a "linq" (our word for an inviting link) that lets him register online. As a token of our appreciation we credit both your account and his with some free talk time.
What if we don't like your service?
Unused talk time is refundable for 3 months after payment. Amounts paid towards the Linq Phone are refundable in full on return for 3 months after installation, and with a 3% per month depreciation after this 3 month period. No questions asked.
I am convinced. What do I do to register?
Ask your friends using our service to send you a linq, or register on-line

SmartPhone FAQ

Can I call using any Smart Phone?
No, at the moment only Android Phones are supported.
Which browsers should I use on an Android Phone?
At the moment Chrome and Firefox browsers are supported.

Desktop Browser FAQ

Can I call using any Computer?
Yes, modern versions of any desktop or laptop computer including Windows, Mac OSX, all versions of Linux can be used to call.
Which browsers are supported on the desktop?
Currently Chrome and Firefox are supported.
I have multiple sound cards and I want to choose one.
The service uses the same sound card as the browser, which in turn uses the default sound card of the computer. Set your preferred sound card as the system default to use it with the service.


What is your SIP service?
Currently the browser calling service is not available for iPhones and feature phones. For them we provide a SIP service as an alternate. The rates are the same for both the services.
When do I need to use your SIP service?
As stated above, you need to use the SIP service to call from an iPhone. Also, the SIP service can be used to enable our low cost International calling service on a hardware sip device or desktop phone such as Grandstream, SNOM, Linksys etc.
How do I use the SIP service?
Your online console has your SIP settings under "Preference/Reports". In most cases, the defaults are the preferred settings. Your username and password are visible here, and the host to use is
What app/software do you recommend?
Amongst paid apps, Bria is the one we recommend. Amongst the free apps we recommend Zoiper. Each has the corresponding Desktop softphone.

Business Services FAQ

What is this callme button on my website?
We can put a callme button on your website such that visitors can call you right from their browser. It automatically detects compatible devices and browsers, otherwise will show them a normal phone number. Speak to our helpdesk for pricing and more information.
What are incoming International numbers?
We provide incoming phone numbers from thousands of cities in more than 50 countries and toll free numbers from 6. These ring directly on your phone or PBX, or can be used for Fax2Email. Speak to our helpdesk for pricing and more information.
What is IVR, call queues and contact center solution?
An IVR plays a message on your incoming number and allows the caller to choose amongst available options. If you have high volume incoming calls, then they can be distributed amongst call queues for multiple agents and can even be sent to a contact center system. Speak to our helpdesk for pricing and more information.

Payments FAQ

How do we pay?
Our on-line payment options allow you to pay for your services using a scratch card available from our resellers, PayPal or your credit / debit card.
Who processes your credit card payments?
HDFC Bank takes your credit / debit card details and pays us. It does not reveal the card details to us.
Will your employees have access to my card details?
No. When you try to pay by credit card, our site automatically sends you to the site of HDFC Bank which accepts your credit / debit card details. It never reveals your card details to anyone, including us.
Why does your site say that the card will not be charged immediately?
If not registering through an inviting linq sent by an existing customer, we sometimes do a short service feasibility check. When you try to pay the initial charges to set up your account, our site only checks that your card is valid, but does not charge your card. We charge your card only when we are sure of being able to service you. Our system may do the same for recurring payments too for large amounts.
What currencies can I pay by?
We accept payments in US Dollar. However PayPal may convert from your preferred currency and pay us in dollars.
Are there any transaction charges for on-line payments?
No, the entire amount charged to your card is credited to your account with us and no additional charges apply.
Can on-line payments be refunded?
Yes, money paid on-line is refundable. Conditions apply to such refunds.