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Linq Dialer Demo and Setup

Steps to signup

Step 1
Fill single page registration form and get a dialer with free demo minutes
Step 2
Login into your dialer to start using it. Click below for help on using the demo.
Out-of-place Testimonial
"I was put in charge of setting up a call center with a predictive dialer with no previous experience. I had absolutely no idea of how to go about doing it. The Linq staff made my predicament easy to solve with their constant support in every situation I had to face. Linq proved to have the best customer service for a brand new call center looking to grow. The price was unbeatable and the customer service was outstanding. Even if they were unable to answer the phone at my first call, they always called back without me having to leave a message. That kind of customer service is un-heard of. Linq makes setting up a predictive dialer easy and cheap and they give you best tech support you could ask for. The Linq staff can turn any call center nightmare into a smooth sail."
- Ben Young, The Petra Group

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